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A neglected creek. Piles of rubbish on the beach. Overgrown fields. A group of sailors. A drive to include the community.

After a callout for volunteers, many people started to come together in nature at Sailors Creek. To clear this it of rubbish. To plant fruit trees in two adjoining fields. To talk and share stories and memories. Together they build a place that can be enjoyed by anyone. A place anyone can feel welcome. A place where humans and nature can live together.

This project is ongoing and if you are in the area, go and visit Sailors Creek. It is situated between Penryn and Flushing in Cornwall.

With a massive thanks to Anna Butler, Shaun Wolfe, the volunteers at Sailors Creek, Polly Ford, Gemma Gilbert, Shawn Brown, Rosie Brown, Cherie Bridges.

Camera Assistant: Polly Ford

Drone: Ebb and Flow Media

Sound Editing and Original Music: Ellen Davis

Found in the intertidal zone where the land turns into the sea, rock pools are windows to a whole new world. Each pool is its own microcosm, uniquely adapted to constantly changing conditions and individual limitations.

Rock pools are a fantastic way for all ages to interact with and observe the ocean without jumping off the deep end. Don’t be afraid to get your toes wet to explore and expand your love for the marine world, but always remember to behave responsibly and leave organisms alone.

Series Producer: Rebecca Daniel

Videographer: Saskia Sichermann

Assistant Videographer: Arran Moran

Voiceover: Christina Sinclair

Researcher: Millie Parks

The beautiful seaside art gallery Tate St Ives opened their doors for a flashmob by a local Cornish choir.
Sing Choir brings people from all walks of life together to sing unique musical arrangements of pop, soul, folk, rock and everything in between.

Matt and Giles‘ open and friendly approach makes everyone feel instantly welcome and as part of a greater community.

The KareMeKuc team in corporation with Children of Peace Uganda started the project Farming for Peace in 2017. This project works with youth in Northern Uganda who were affected by the LRA and the civil war. These students are taught in agriculture with hands-on training near Lira, Uganda. Farming For Peace gives a small glimpse of the project implementation, the live of one of the students and a simple understanding of what has been done and what is still needed.

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